Digital Literacy

The Online Identity Crisis

1) Summary

As Wellesley College discusses, Online identity is universal in today’s technological world; it can have it’s advantages and disadvantages at times. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and the list goes on, are used to connect with people that you may or may not know. By sharing personal information through the internet, you are making your identity accessible to a larger number of people than you may think. On certain sites like Facebook, you can restrict your profile to be seen just by close friends and family because not everyone will want their identity to be as public. However, if you do want your profile to be available for public access, precautions may need to be taken to protect your online identity. For example, be careful about publishing personal contact information or activities that could jeopardize your safety. Keep in mind that once you post personal material to your site, it will remain accessible across the internet even after it is deleted. Additionally, be aware that future employers may view your sites because certain businesses have been known to make hiring decisions based on their opinion of your social media sites.

2) Response 

I think social media sites is an excellent way to connect with friends, family, and be introduced to new people from all over the world. I have various social media accounts and have had many positive experiences from each of them, especially Tumblr. For instance, I have virtually met many creative people that are my age and have even met some of them at concerts I have attended. One Tumblr friend from Portland, Oregon, even sent me a letter in the mail, along with a free copy of his band’s tape, which was reassuring to know that their are genuinely nice people still out there. Even though majority of my feedback for social media has been positive, having an online identity can make you vulnerable to negative criticism and just creeps in general, which I have somewhat experienced first hand from Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. One piece of advice I would give to anyone who is involved in social media sites is just go with your gut feeling on certain scenarios and most importantly think twice before you make a post.


6 thoughts on “The Online Identity Crisis

  1. Online identity can be confusing, especially when connecting various aspects of ones life online, for example, having a digital class which combines ones online identity with ones school identity! Really nicely summary and great reaction, very relevant subject.

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  2. piercemarjorie says:

    I think its interesting how online identity helps foster creativity between people. A lot of really great projects were done by people compiling them online together and what got them all started and inspired with each other was interests between their online identities.

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  3. I agree with how social media can have a positive and negative effect on relationships and connecting with people. on one hand its good cause you can connect with friends and family but on the other hand its scary cause you have trolls and stalkers trying to make things hard.

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  4. Peyton, I enjoyed reading your experience of creating relationships through online medias. You experienced a genuine connection from the virtual world to your physical world. I’ve never had that kind of connection with a colleague online, but it would be cool to receive artwork or something in that nature in that future. Your blog has a great since of creativity with lovely design layouts.

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  5. Crazy how you can completely change yourself online but then again its pretty interesting. With social media you have to kind of take the good with the bad and also being careful. With social media you can set yourself up for failure especially with getting a job if something on your page isn’t suitable for them. I think it’s all about using it but using it wisely..

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