experimental process

It is still missing some scenes and audio, so it is a work in progress.

Process 3 - Project 3process1

I wanted to capture the different colors of light in this photograph in an abstract way. I think the small fragments of warm pink light throughout the series of cropped photos creates a sense of rhythm and balance when placed alongside the contrasting cool blue light.



Process 4 - Project 3 tumblr_ne0gagMyAB1qgrbzdo1_500


Process 2 - Project 3 tumblr_njxlpyyx1l1r3tor7o1_1280


Process 1 - Project 315169730360_4fa2a3e714_o copy 2

For this one, I wanted to show the various parts of this photograph that I would see if I was walking on this street. So, each cropped photo could stand alone as a single picture or create a narrative when combined with the other pictures of the street view. This one ended up being my favorite.



Process 5 - Project 3 68e3f30b3469d353-IMG_0045EditEdit-600x399


I cropped sections out of this photograph to show like how a camera would spool from left to right over a scene. I cropped the same areas on the left of the photo as on the right, so that it was balanced and showed a gradual change from warm to cool without being too drastic.


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