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For my participatory art project, I knew that I wanted to use Tumblr as my participatory platform. Through my personal Tumblr account, I asked my followers to send me phrases from their diary, text messages, and anything else they personally have written in their own words. Once I accumulated the messages, I noticed that not only was I sent anonymous messages, but people also sent me personal writings from all over the world, including the Australia, UK, and the USA, which I found to be another interesting aspect of the project that I did not consider at first. I sorted all of the messages into categories and realized that love was the main subject of majority of the quotes. I decided to use only the phrases that focused on the relationship between love and melancholy because I wanted to diverge from the usual happy, celebratory phrases on banners by using sad, more realistic phrases.

IMG_3558 IMG_3572

After creating all eight banners using card stock, spray paint, and string, I hung them up on various abandon buildings throughout Columbus, Georgia. I focused on abandon buildings because I felt that they were more visually appealing and portrayed the same sort of distress and abandonment as the quotes expressed. After taking the photographs of each banner on individual buildings, I realized that abandoned love was exactly what I was portraying, both in words and in the abandonment of the building itself, so that is what I decided to name the photo series. Lastly, I created a Tumblr blog specifically for this project to share back the phrases in a different medium. With this project, I wanted to materialize a private moment by sharing it publicly. I think it is interesting to transform the intangibility of the internet into a tangible creation that is viewable not only online but also in the real world. We, as human beings in the technological age, constantly lose touch of reality and begin to perceive the people around us as perfect, when in reality we all feel deeply and go through similar emotions. Ultimately, I wanted this project to bring light to the actual feelings that are usually shared privately behind closed doors.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.36.51 PM

You can see all of the photographs on my website: abandoned love series

Click here for my process

Press: My abandoned love series has been featured on WeTheUrban, Lamono Magazine, Tiragraffi MagazineMC Creative, Charivari, iGNANT Magazine, Worn Magazine, Konbini, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Bustle, Daily Mail, HelloGiggles, Design You Trust, ELLE België, Lily, Elle España, PARQ Magazine, Be Street, Neon Magazine, PureTrend, Fisheye Magazine, S Moda Magazine, GREKA, AnOther Magazine, TrendHunter, Lettera FMiss Moss, Adoro FARM, ELLE France, Finch (Interview), Fubiz, Example.PL Magazine, Notorious Magazine, Bazavan, Codigo Nuevo, Vormplatform, Pond MagHm, Sei lá, Quo Magazine, Frankie Magazine, Culture N Lifestyle, MetropotamEl Safari, Journal, Revista VistazoPlay Tuşu Mag, Entorno InteligenteObservador, COMPLEX (The 20 Best Photographers Under 20 Right Now), Fashion. HR, MTV (The Best Photographers Under 20), Golden Boy Press (Interview), Ovation TV/Culture PopLive FAST Magazine, Ballad Of, Lost At E Minor, Creative Boom, NPR Fresh Air, Pretty 52, Zupi Magazine, ION Magazine, Chattahoochee Valley’s The BIG ToDo Arts & Entertainment Magazine, Aether Magazine, Style BiblioTypical Girls (Coming Soon), 3petitspoints Magazine (Coming Soon), HonestlyWTF, SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), Couch Magazine (Coming Soon), as well as received amazing feedback from Tumblr with over 850,000 notes.

Peyton Fulford (b. 1994) is a photographer and digital artist based in Columbus, Georgia.

‘Abandoned Love’ is a participatory photo series in which she had people from all over the world (Australia, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, USA) on Tumblr send her private thoughts, diary entries, text messages, etc to which she then created into banners and placed on abandoned buildings.

In the artist’s photographic series, she brings light to an expression of feelings that are usually shared privately behind closed doors. With the use of everyday objects, such as paper, spray paint, and string, she creates bright-colored banners that juxtapose the usual celebratory text with melancholic messages to which she then places on similarly distressed, abandoned buildings. By sharing the material in a public space, each personal phrase sent into her through Tumblr is taken out of its original context, thus crossing the boundary between digitality and reality. With the text acting as the live subject, the photographs collectively function as insight into the physical and emotional loss that people universally endure while in or out of love.

This project was inspired by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher’s Learning to Love You More and Klaudija Visockyte’s ’Please Don’t Leave Me’ series; Also I would like to credit Anna Ladd’s ’things i told the internet but didn’t tell my mom’ because it is similar to this project, so if you like ‘Abandoned Love’ then you should definitely check out those projects too.


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